Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big boy...

Nicholas is a BIG boy!! Already at 2 months he's 14lbs 8oz and 24 in long. He's a lump to carry around.
In this picture he's just passed out in his crib! It's crazy as can be.

And I'm so excited it's finally fall outside! And Halloween is just around the corner. I'm trying to figure out what to do for the kid's costumes. There's so many to choose from, but it sucks having to be picky on finding WARM ones. haha Anywhoos

You need to go vote for my sister Caitlin on It's for some nifty contest to go to NYC. So go now... I command you to!!


cait! said...

What a amazing big boy!
He is going to be such a giant!
Hopefully he'll be able to give me piggy-back rides someday. That would be amazing. <3

cait! said...

you know it is cute! everyone keeps not even noticing because it looks so natural on my face! I luuurve it. :D