Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a year

Christmas has come and gone again for another year. We had a wonderful Christmas sharing with Family and Friends. Tim got a great surprise of his brother Ronnie showing up Sunday Morning from San Diego. He hasn't been up since our wedding back in 2007. Harlee and Nicholas absolutly love him to death! Is it a bad thing when Ronnie tells me that Nic is identitcle to Tim at the same age- looks and attitude? ha! But I've had a wonderful time getting to chat with Ronnie and find out more about him (and tim as a kid)

We spent Christmas Eve with my Parents... got a bbq, Cake Decorating Lessons (woot!), Lots of toys for the kiddos.... Tim got a new Mitsubishi Hat...and lots of other goodies! Then Christmas Morning we spent a little time at Tim's moms- kids scored big again. Have to go through all the old toys to make room for the new. We also got to go out and shoot some pool with Ronnie- Him and Tim are very much alike. Hopefully it won't be another three years before he can visit again!

Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Start the planning...

So Tim and I have decided we want to make another trip back down to Walt Disney World... we've set a goal of having enough money saved up for Harlee's 5th Birthday. We'll start saving come the new year. I think by that time Both of the kid's will be old enough to enjoy it. Nic will be 3 1/2 and Harlee turning 5. I remember going down when I turned 5...or was it 6? Oh well! It will be a perfect time to celebrate!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Wishlist...

Guess I will put this out for the few folks that read this... Just what we'd like for Christmas...Nothing to extravagent.

  • Queen sized bed sheets/comforter- Black, dark red, dark blue, or purple.
  • Hangers
  • I would love a Miche Bag... look it up at
  • Tim always enjoys gift cards... Walmart, Sears, O'Reilly Auto Parts....or anything to do with Camaros.
  • Harlee loves anything Disney.. especially Tinkerbelle, Toy Story, and Cars. She is currently going into 3t sized clothing, and a size 7 or 8 shoe.
  • Nicholas is just.... hard to shop for. he's stuck at a size of 24months to 2t... size 7 or 8 shoe... he likes cars, dinosaurs...
  • We can always use shelving or organizational storage.
  • I like gift cards too.... victoria secret, ross's, target, walmart
  • I have a scentsy if anyone wants to purchase the fragrances to use **
  • Our DVD/VHS player has worn out... we could use one of those for the sake of the kids. =)
  • Oh... New towels for the bathroom *preferably bath sheets*... in blue or red ( bathroom is a Cars theme for now)
well there are some ideas for now. Hope it helps.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Day...i think

A bit late, but hope everyone had a happy halloween. It was kinda a bum day around the steele house. I had to work the morning, the kids are sick and tim ended up having to close Domino's. Didn't even get one trick or treater.....

Miss harlee did enjoy wearing her Princess outfit the past couple of days. Nic never liked the dragon costume. Guess we'll just have to put it away. Poor little guys are both sick with something. Hasn't been too nice around here. I did get to go out with friends for a couple hours.

Not too much else is exciting in our house lately. Trying to make it through my job and tim's two jobs anymore consumes most of our time. Keep your eyes out for holiday wishlist for the steele family coming up in the next few weeks if anyone is interested. =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok, I have to rant. I am sick of all these people who buy a digital SLR and think they are amazing photographers. NOOOOO. 99.99% of the time they are not. they just point and shoot. They don't know anything about the lighting or the timing...ya know. It just irks me, there's all these little photography businesses popping up. What's annoying is when it's freaking high schoolers who've done maybe one intro to photography class. Whatever. You get what you pay for right?

Now... I know several people who are indeed TRUE photographers. They've studied how to take photos... spent time, money, and effort. Know the trials and errors of what they are doing. Now I applaud them for their amazing jobs!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September already?

So I'm a slacker on the blog, I know. What can I say? I'm more busy than anything. work, kids, know the norm. Trying to get the house cooled down. Tim didn't turn the a/c on at all, so I've had it on since 3:30p ish. I'm waiting for Tim to get off... again. It's my day off tomorrow, so I can be up late. Although I'm probably gonna hit the sack soon. I can harldy keep my eyes open past 11:30pm anymore.

Maybe tomorrow I can unbury my bedroom. I have stacks of clean clothes everywhere. I seem to get everything washed okay, but then putting it away is where i go downhill. Maybe its because I don't have enough room for all mine and Tim's stuff. Our dressers are crammed and so is the tiny closet. and that I need more hangers. I'm anxious for my order from Pure Romance to get in tomorrow. New catalogs are in it! 40 pages....which is almost 2 times as big as the old ones. Hopefully it will pick up soon- everyone says they want to have a party.....but no one actually has one. Thats okay. I'll live. Just frustrated.

Nic is toddling around quite well. He likes to follow mom with one of the busted cell phones and hold it up to his ear and babble in it. Definatly is following Harlee around quite a bit and his favorite thing to do is turn off the TV during a good part in whatever show you're watching. OH my... can't keep my eyes open anymore. Harlee is well...harlee. She's so hard to explain most of the time. Loves her kitchen and baby dolls, and locking her little brother in the closet. hehe But thats another story.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To here and back again...

Oh it's been a while yet again since I've last blogged. We've been busy. Trip to Denver, spending lots of quality family time together, Enjoying the summer... It's been so nice outside lately we've been out playing in the yard, enjoying the sunshine.

Our trip to Denver was GREAT!! I had a blast, and I think Tim is quite impressed with the city. And all the cars he likes that are there. We've decided in maybe 5 ish years to move there in a few years. He wants to go to the Automotive college they have. There's so much more opportunity down there for us. We also took tim's niece Tylena down with us. She had a blast too, and was a big help with the kids. I got to visit with Abby, and go to some of my few shopping places. It was a ton of fun being in the big city again.

We got to have another week and a half off after we got home from Denver because our trip plans to KC had changed. SO we got to spend some quality family time. I know the kids had a blast having us both home everyday. The house is definitely a mess right now though... Tim and I got to sneak a weekend in of camping without any kids. That was really nice too. But onto the photos! they seem to have loaded backwards... oh well..

Four nice pontiac solstices that went flyin by us in Wyoming on our way home

Nic and Ty exhausted in teh back seat- day going home

Bye bye denver... I will miss you!

Harlee's new CHEAP shades, only cost us $1.99 at the disney store

I hope to own one of these some day- 2009 Mistubishi Evoloution X

Denver Sunset from our hotel

Ty and Harlee swimming

Beautiful sunset behind the mountains

I introduced Tim and Ty and the kids to Johnny Rockets---YUMMY!!!

Yes there is a Steele street in Denver- right by Cherry Creek

Hello DENVER!!!

Our own little smurf...? There were not more markers unless they were the color wonder ones after this...

Flying J guy in Billings trying to unplug the rain drain...? It was a bad down pour. We had just gotten on the road again after lunch and had to pull off at the next exit- we couldn't see the road.

Looking at all the cool stuff in her backpack from nana

trying to get into the backpack from nana

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy canada Day!

I know I'm slacking. I have tons of photos to upload, but I'm in the process of catering to the rest of the family right now as they, well nic and tim have seemed to have caught the nasty stomach flu i had yesterday. but anyways...

Happy Canada Day!

I know tim enjoys having two thanksgivings... as Do I! Lots of fun for us all.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Its been a while..

I've been busy. What can I say? We've been trying to get ready for our trip to Denver/ Kansas City.... working... trying to be a family- ya know the normal around here. Thought I would post a few new pictures of the kiddos. Taking a break while attempting to clean my house. I got the living room done- and mopped half of it. The other half has these blue carpets on it. Oh well. Enjoy the photos and feel free to comment!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April snow?! Holy Smokes batman...

Well this white nasty stuff is back again. And it's really wet and heavy this time. I got atleaste one broken branch that I've seen so far. And a sad looking bush. Plus the neighbor's tree has got a good lean to it. But it's AWESOME snowball/snow man material!!! There may have been a snowball fight outside of my house this evening.... maybe. ;)

Photos of the children for anyone? And the snow? Sounds good!