Thursday, September 3, 2009

September already?

So I'm a slacker on the blog, I know. What can I say? I'm more busy than anything. work, kids, know the norm. Trying to get the house cooled down. Tim didn't turn the a/c on at all, so I've had it on since 3:30p ish. I'm waiting for Tim to get off... again. It's my day off tomorrow, so I can be up late. Although I'm probably gonna hit the sack soon. I can harldy keep my eyes open past 11:30pm anymore.

Maybe tomorrow I can unbury my bedroom. I have stacks of clean clothes everywhere. I seem to get everything washed okay, but then putting it away is where i go downhill. Maybe its because I don't have enough room for all mine and Tim's stuff. Our dressers are crammed and so is the tiny closet. and that I need more hangers. I'm anxious for my order from Pure Romance to get in tomorrow. New catalogs are in it! 40 pages....which is almost 2 times as big as the old ones. Hopefully it will pick up soon- everyone says they want to have a party.....but no one actually has one. Thats okay. I'll live. Just frustrated.

Nic is toddling around quite well. He likes to follow mom with one of the busted cell phones and hold it up to his ear and babble in it. Definatly is following Harlee around quite a bit and his favorite thing to do is turn off the TV during a good part in whatever show you're watching. OH my... can't keep my eyes open anymore. Harlee is well...harlee. She's so hard to explain most of the time. Loves her kitchen and baby dolls, and locking her little brother in the closet. hehe But thats another story.