Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nice weather.

I have been enjoying the nice weather we've had the past few days... not ready for it to go back into the deep freeze. I'm ready for spring now. I've had my fun in the snow. But I LOVE spring and summer. But I can't wish the days away too fast. Harlee turns 2 next week!! How scary is that?! I've ordered her a cute little tinkerbell cake and we're gonna go swimming at the hotel on Sunday afternoon with some of her little buddies...and some of Tim and my friends.

We've been staying busy working.. Haven't seen much of each other lately. Getting to be about time for a break though. Tim's getting worn out with work.. Sunday was complete overtime for him... 9 1/2 hours. It will be nice on the paycheck though.

We're gonna go out for my birthday. I'm really excited. A lot of our friends are going with us up to a local bar... to properly celebrate my 21st birthday a year late. ;) My new years resolution... NO BABIES!! haha. Good one, right?

As much as I am not racist... I'm having issues getting used to the thought of a black president. Maybe it's just me. We'll see. Tim and I might go and put a little of our big ol' tax return towards a new rifle or something. we'll see what happens though. I think in our heads we've spent that tax return over and over and over again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh how the days fly by!

Its amazing how time flies anymore. My baby girl will be two at the end of the month..and I will turn 22 as well. YIKES!!

We went out to tim's dads place last night. His step sister and her kiddos are up from Wyoming so it was fun to visit with them. Our kids got lots of fun presents (we did xmas late with them) and tim and I got some cool stuff too.

Work is comepletely insane today. There's the rodeo and huge bball tourny in town this weekend. I like my weekday mornings better than these crazy weekends. Atleast the weather is fairly nice. For now.

So i think i'm gonna do a tinkerbell themed bday party for miss harlee. She deserves it. She's muh baby girl. hehe. Not sure what the plans are yet though.