Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Day...i think

A bit late, but hope everyone had a happy halloween. It was kinda a bum day around the steele house. I had to work the morning, the kids are sick and tim ended up having to close Domino's. Didn't even get one trick or treater.....

Miss harlee did enjoy wearing her Princess outfit the past couple of days. Nic never liked the dragon costume. Guess we'll just have to put it away. Poor little guys are both sick with something. Hasn't been too nice around here. I did get to go out with friends for a couple hours.

Not too much else is exciting in our house lately. Trying to make it through my job and tim's two jobs anymore consumes most of our time. Keep your eyes out for holiday wishlist for the steele family coming up in the next few weeks if anyone is interested. =)

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