Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Has it really been two weeks since I posted last? Sheesh. Shame on me. I've been working my butt of though, and I am not complaining. I really enjoy my new job and am loving getting BIG paychecks again. It's been so hard to make everything stretch to all the bills the past few months.

Fall has officially hit. The leaves are GOREGOUS on most trees...and there is that fall crisp in the air. I think I'm in Heaven. Except for hte fact that the first day it snowed Tim wrecked my durango. Nothing too bad, but it's bumper is pretty scraped up and bent back. And my windshield cracked the same day as well. It's crazy.

Nicholas is in love with the jumperoo. He bounces and just chills in it. Harlee likes to try and swing him in it. Crazy girl. I'm excited about getting to take her trick or treating next week. I think we are gonna go downtown and hit that up, and once tim is off work, we will go around to all the grandparents houses. Still haven't found a good costume for Nicholas yet. I'll probably just stick him in one of the halloween onsies we have. Not too much else is new. I need to make more sugar cookies. :)

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