Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late enough already...

So here I am again. Borrowing someone's wi-fi in the neighborhood. Finally found a connection after living here almost 5 months. LOL What a crazy week. It's HALLOWEEN on Friday! I'm so freaking excited. I love getting to dress up and pretend I'm someone else. Guess its one part of me that hasn't grown up yet. ha.

Golden Corral burnt down today. :( Tim and I are dissapointed. We would have rather mcdonalds burnt down over the weekend....there's atleast 2 more of them. Though we don't frequent Golden was still a good place to eat at! Oh well. We'll live I guess.

I'm just waiting for him to get home. Still half an hour til Domino's closes, but He say's they've been dead all night. They just have to mop and lock up. Thats good. He's been so busy there lately...especially with all those lovely drivers he has. There are a few good ones...but the rest just seem to waste his time.

I guess thats all I ahve to comment on for right now. TTFN ta ta for now

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